Commercial and economic law

Corporate law, establishment of companies, shareholder agreements,
restructuring and reorganization, estate planning and company succession

Contract law

Drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts from various legal fields, such as purchase contracts, agency contracts, distribution agreements, management contracts, consulting contracts, guarantees, security agreements, terms and conditions

Construction and real estate law

Work and services contract law, mandate contracts, contracts with architects
Real estate law, in particular building lease contracts and other easement agreements
Property purchase and condominium
Public construction law, in particular construction permit procedures
Public planning and environmental law, in particular regarding contaminated sites

Employment law

Advising and representing employees and employers in employment law matters and conflicts

Landlord and tenant law

Advising and representing tenants and landlords in tenancy law matters and conflicts

Merger & Acquisitions

Contract and transaction arrangements in company takeovers and mergers, asset deals, restructuring and reorganization

Debt enforcement and bankruptcy law

Bankruptcy and enforcement procedures, attachments law and other enforcement procedures (in Switzerland), financial restructuring, probate proceedings, liquidation of companies

Crime law

Criminal defence of accused persons as well as defending the rights of injured parties, white collar crime